Restaurant Kruydt - Delft

Restaurant Kruydt Delft, the Netherlands. A beautiful project in cooperation with Woodfever.

One day, this beautiful building was the Artillery barracks of Delft. The characteristic building was built in 1671 on an estate where once a monastery was established. The centuries thereafter the property has been rebuilt a couple of times has been in use by Defense until 1927. An investor dropped his eye on the historic building and established a restaurant there. Kruydt, with a nod to the past and the present.

Now you can enjoy delicious sandwiches during lunch and dine à la carte in the evening. Dutch light pro was asked to add extra flavor with the lighting. The wooden ceiling with beams has largely remained for the atmosphere. In order to be able to make the necessary accents, the choice was made for a track with spots. Black and tough. Like small cannons. The wall lamps bring the walls to life. During the day, the windows fill the room with light, now the ridge lights the rhythm. Above the large table, for parties, festive hanging lamps set the tone. Playing with the possibilities in consultation with the client is what we like to do at Dutch Light Pro.