To show Novotel what light can add to and to show how Dutch Light Pro thinks about lighting, Gerrit-Jan, one of our lighting designers, made a lighting design, build up from different scenes.

  • Create basic light level: Herewith we create a basic lighting level, to make sure we can orientate and move safely in the space. Depending on the application the basic lighting level can vary in level and uniformity.  
  • Create experience: By using lighting accents we create contrasts which makes the space more exciting. In some applications, e.g. retail, only accent lighting is used and no or hardly  any basic lighting is used to enhance the contrast eve more.
  • Create height and guidance: To light up the entire back wall we create height in the space. With the LED lines we realize visual guidance in the entrances.
  • Create depth: by lighting up the vertical walls, depth is created in the space. In this particular case the outside facades are lit up in between where the transparent glass construction is placed.

Are you also looking for a dedicated lighting consultancy, we are looking forward to hearing from you!