AFAS Experience Center

After a year of preparation, Dutch Light Pro received the assignment of delivering all lighting and fixtures for the new AFAS Experience Center in Leusden, The Netherlands. The construction has already been started on 10th of November 2017 and is expected to finish mid-2020.

In 2016 AFAS requested a lighting design for their new Experience Center. This had been an extraordinary assignment for Dutch Light Pro, especially in regards of the architecture and function of the building. The architectural design has been assessed thorough and inspiring ideas and thoughts have been transformed into a realistic lighting design. This also according to the AFAS DNA, do, thrust, crazy and family.

And what is more rewarding than the following response:

“After recommendation of Valstar Simonis, we requested Dutch Light Pro to design a lighting plan for our AFAS Experience Center Leusden. In succession of a pleasant acquaintance, we expected nothing less, than an excellent lighting design. Lighting designer Anneloes Verstegen has surpassed all expectations and delivered not only a good lighting design, but also special extra’s and tips to compliment the architectural design. A great cooperation, with a beautiful result. ”

Steef van der Veldt, Architect

Let us introduce.

Already active in “lighting” for many years. An interesting field, never boring. Different people with different questions and requests. Since lighting design and advice is mostly listening and translating wishes and demands. I am on my best with paper and a pencil in my hand. Sketching “explaining” what light can mean and do for a space. Sometimes directly in shapes, or sometimes more in terms of effects or even practical solutions. Preferably in close cooperation, because the end result must be the story of all people involved. This is how I see and do my job.

Nice to meet you.
Arie Kraaijeneld