If I told youabout the highest building in the world with 828 meters height, you immediatelythink about the majesties Burj Khalifa, right? Well, this incredible buildingis not only known by its great height and beautiful architecture, but also forthe amazing light that highlight its façade.

According to FisherMarantz Stone (FMS), studio in charge of the lighting design of the building,“Floodlighting the tower from its site perimeter was not an option because the“sweeping desert” and the high humidity from the Arabian Gulf would keep thestructure in a perpetual cloud. Therefore, they went for a raking upplight fromatop the terraced prows of the building’s three legs that saves energy andensures minimal light trespass for the residential tenants and little skylightpollution. 

For sure, a verysmart and sustainable solution that worth them several awards and recognitions.