Life has changed within the last few weeks. Needless to say that is not as normal as it used to be. It takes time to get used to it. Our world, more than ever our world. Together, although, not too close. 

Globalization seems to have its limits. Far away production. Assembling these parts nearer. Driven by costs.
Can we go like this? The results of our way of living undeniably shown from outer space. Less pollution visible. Cleaner areas around the mayor production regions. Will it stay like this?
All the jobs in health care that we didn’t realize they were vital for our society. Can they manage to keep it this way?
Can we continue like this? Will it stay like this? Can they manage to keep it this way ? How vulnerable we are.
Future is uncertain. Nothing new, but awareness is necessary. Knowing we are just a small part in this big world.
And work. Slightly changed . Not as we used to do in an office, but more digital. Same energy, same cooperation. Using opportunities as people, as companies.

We continue to do what we are good at. Lighting advice, plans, solutions. Delivering (supplying) the goods, maybe with some delay. Together we will make the best of it.

Light is maybe a good metaphor. Coloring every day, every season. Again and again new life, new hope.

We wish you all the best in this strange period of time.
We will stay close, businesswise, but more important, like we did, as fellow man.

Take care and for the ones you love.

Team Dutch Light Pro