Light enters the eye, it makes us able to perceive and influences your hormone balance.

Too much blue light in the evening effects your sleep, that’s a generally known fact. But less know is the effect on your daily functioning of for example; the amount of light, the way light enters your eye and the light colour temperature.  

Did you know sunlight gives us an amount of 10.000 to 20.000 lux? (lux is the value in which the amount of light which falls upon a surface is expressed). Compare it to your working desk, where the standard amount is only 500 lux.


Especially in these days where we a0re more and more conscious about the fact a healthy working and learning environment is of great importance, it is good to think about the right light.

For a contribution to a healthy working and learning environment. Fortunately there are more products developed to achieve a more healthy climate indoor. Lighting is an important part of this. In our lighting designs, we take these matters into account as well. Healthy working and learning, can only be achieved with integral solution in design, technical solutions and the right products. As a lighting specialist, we gladly contribute to these developments with our products and designs.

We wish you a happy sunny summer.

Team Dutch Light Pro