Lighting can be found in all sizes and manners, with and without colour, starting with a simple recessed spot to impressive fixtures. We would like to cover the latter, because what makes a fixture a true eyecatcher?

An eyecatcher is peculiar, usually large and immediately recognisable upon meeting the eye. For example, think of an impressive construction upon entering a city, the centrepiece of a museum or unique architecture inside a building. Light guides the eye and draws attention in doing so, combine this fact with a well-designed fixture and you have got an eyecatcher that is immediately recognisable.

Why does an eyecatcher promote business?

An eyecatcher is more than just decorative, it promotes business. An eyecatcher is the first thing anyone looks at, for this reason it determines the atmosphere of the area. This makes it an extension to the company’s business card. The eyecatcher leaves an impression on anyone who enters the area and many will remember the company for it. Additionally, it is an excellent conversation piece. When guests are visiting, they could be informed regarding the lighting installation. They will tell their network about their experience and what they saw, which profits the building of a sustainable customer relationship and lead generation.

The digital advantages of an eyecatcher

Besides physical advantages an eyecatcher also improves the digital image of a company. Simply stated; It expands the visibility and recognisability of a company. An eyecatcher is ideal to use as centrepiece for the corporate website and social media, which leaves a positive impression on people and promotes the organisation. In this way, an eyecatcher functions as an online billboard and marketing instrument for the company.


An eyecatcher promotes business in multiple ways and light is an excellent tool for this as it immediately draws attention.

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